Sources and their transcripts

Discover all the secrets of authentic notation of Chopin’s music. Have a look at the autograph or the first edition, see the comments that Chopin wrote into his students’ scores. You can view a photocopy of each of these sources, see its transcription (a literal reading) or edited version (musical text cleared of errors). Finally, each work is presented in its ultimate form based on the analysis of information coming from all the available sources.

Compare sources

How to spot the differences between sources? By comparing them! See any pair of sources displayed next to each other, compare notation details by viewing them up close! You can also compare analogous fragments, for example exposition and reprise.

Analyse an issue

Analyse any fragment of Chopin’s work; see the different versions of a given place in the score or study a cross-cutting issue, such as notation of ornaments or a characteristic harmonic progression. You will find comments on every aspect of Chopin’s notation and be provided with searching and classification tools. Or perhaps you are not sure where and what to look for? Special markers in the score will guide you and mark places of potential interest.

Try your hand at editing

Select the versions that you consider the most reliable, or simply those you like best. Trust the editors or verify their findings. You can save and print any combination of source versions of particular fragments. One click is enough for the variant version to appear in the main text!